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Who We Are


Praise International Church was started as a church plant out of Singapore. Pastor James Lim and his family officially took charge of the church in September of 1989. With a team of 5 short-term missionaries and a congregation of 20 members, they set out to establish the church plant.

Through time and God's blessing, the church grew beyond the initial locations at the conference room in Chateau Granville, the Lalli Karan Hall, and East 41st Avenue. 

The church finally bought its very first building at 2600 Quebec Street on the 18th of November 1996, which was a heritage building since its inception in 1909. During our stay there, the church was known for its "Dickensville" - an introduction to the world of Dickens, complete with period costumes, sets, Christmas carols, thousands of lights strung up in both the interior and exterior of the church, and even a sit-down refreshment area for visitors to enjoy the presentations.

Church members awoke on January 6th, 2004 to see on the news the devastating images of the church building on fire! Though the firefighters fought against the flames valiantly, it was a battle that would be lost.

However, we believed that God was penning something wonderful in the annals of our history pages as a church. Through the next year, we believed God for a church building of our own as we embarked on a faith adventure of sorts.

Finally, we found this building that we currently worship in, and are excited about what God is doing in our midst. Currently, we are starting to outgrow the church building. As a result, we now have four services over 2 campuses, so that God can continue His expanding work in our lives!