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Pastor: Kim

The Children's Ministry of Praise International Church that's designed to be "The Best Hour Of Your Child's Week."

Music, drama, video, and other creative methods of teaching are part of our life-changing hour.

Children from K to grade 7 are welcome to join us!


The Praiseland Purpose Statement

We Exist To...


Pray for our children and the children of our community;

Raise them up to love and fear God;

Advance them to spiritual maturity;

Instil in them Biblical truths and principles;

Seeing them give their hearts to Jesus; all while

Enjoying and encouraging them to read the Bible













Our Core Values

  1. Teach Biblical truths in a child-targeted,  relevant and creative way.
  2. To intentionally model loving, Biblical  community in a small group where life change  happens best.
  3. To provide an environment that is “S.P.I.C.Ey”:


Spiritually Healthy;

Physically Safe;

Intellectually Stimulating;

Creatively Engaging; and

Emotionally Building.


4. To have fun with each other!


Our Commitment to Parents


   We are committed to seeing our children grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. As a result, we will always try to communicate with our parent partners what the children will be learning in the coming month(s), and what they can do to help us. Some of the ways we aim to assist our parent partners are:


  1. By providing a schedule of lessons that our children are learning in Praiseland, so that parents can reinforce the lessons learnt through the week;
  2. By partly subsidising our parent partners’ purchase of kid-friendly Bibles for parents to read to their children;

iii.  By providing resources like parenting articles, family devotionals, etc., so as to equip every family to live the life that God has called us to.


Our Commitment To Our Teachers


It is our commitment to produce the best teachers that our children can benefit from. As such, we require our teachers to attend enriching training sessions that are offered at least once every 4 months by one of our pastors, and from other practical and inspiring teachers via teaching dvds.


Who Are We? 

We are the Children's Ministry of Praise International Church. We believe in making Praiseland "The Best Hour Of Your Child's Week."

As such, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We believe that children are such precious treasures from God, and as a result, need to be cared and loved for the way that you would want us to.

The "Praise Kids" are exposed to an hour of fun, creativity, drama, dance, craft, and many others that we try to squeeze into this jam-packed hour! Children get to enjoy the crazy antics of the teachers, but they also are sometimes part of the show as well!
The Praise Kids are divided into 6 age groups which have lessons that are appropriate for their age. This is so that they can get the most out of the Praiseland Hour.



How Can I Get Involved In Praiseland?

We are constantly on the lookout for people who would like to help us lead the next generation of leaders. You are invited to join us in whatever area you may feel your specialty is in.
As part of our pledge to provide a safe environment for the children, volunteers may be asked for a background check with the local police.
Just call the church office at (604)876-5141 and speak to the secretary, or call Pastor Gerald, the Praiseland Pastor at (778)893-5141, or feel free to email him at


What If My Child Has A Disability?  

Every child is special in God's eyes and ours as well! We love children of every kind of ability! If you have concerns for your child fitting in, we'd like you to know that we are constantly training our teachers about the different needs and abilities of these special children who visit us.

  We would like to seek your advice about the special needs of your child so that we could serve him/her as best as we can - allowing her/him to experience their "Best Hour of Their Week!"