Family of the Week!

The purpose of this section is to feature a church family, learn their story and pray for them during this time of isolation. We hope and pray that this will be a time where we will get to know each other better, even though we may be temporarily separated.

This week's 'Family of the Week' are: Larry, Maricris, Larah and Lauren S. Here is a word from them, what they been learning, and how they have been spending time together.

"Larry and I would like to extend our gratitude for taking care of us spiritually and continuously checking on us to make sure that everything is going well with our family. We really appreciate the concern and the effort of all you Pastor James, Sis Kim, Pastor Art, Ate Beth, Pastor Gerald, Sis Lin and Sis Alina in making sure that our spiritual well being is very well taken care of and that our faith is growing. We Praise God because He is always good and His ways are truly immeasurable. We are so blessed because He gave us all of you in our lives. With that we would like to thank you for welcoming us  to be part of your families as well.  
Just to give you an update about us, Larry is still on his LOA (for 4 weeks now) which we thank God because it was paid by the company. Although soon they will temporarily lay him off in maybe 2 or 3 weeks more. We are still thankful because the chances for him to contact the virus is lesser since he was diabetic so it's good for him to stay home, Although there was a time that anxiety came to attack him because he is not used of doing nothing. Through prayers, walking around the neighborhood and constant chatting with the family in the Philippines, he was able to get through it.  As for me, I am still continuously working, and Larry drops me off and picks me up in my workplace to avoid using the transit and exposure to the public. Larah and Lauren are also busy with their homeschooling. Larah is now inclined in baking while Lauren is more interested in cooking.
This pandemic has really brought us a lot of not so nice things but it also brought us a lot of wonderful things. We believe that God has a purpose for allowing all this things to happen and we can already see some of them in our lives now. Before the pandemic we were so overwhelmed with a lot of things - busy at work ( has to work extended hours and sometimes even weekends), busy going out to the malls or to the park and hanging out with friends and families, parties here and there, eating at the restaurant, up to the point that we just stay in our house when we're going to sleep, and many more.  To be honest, even our prayer time together with our family lessened when Larah and Lauren became more busy with school and their other activities and while Larry and I were also busy attending on different things.
Since COVID-19 came, all malls and parks were shut closed, no dining in the restaurants, no more hanging out and parties at friends & families house, no more extended hours at work and we basically stay at home not unless going to work. We now have all the extra time that we were all wishing for when our lives was still busy with all the errands before. We get to play board games and video games again together too. Larah and Lauren get to play with their legos again as well. I get to finish the books I'm reading faster too. When we started prayer partnering with other couples, most of our days are now filled with more prayer times. We do our prayer with other couples every night and our prayer night with our children is back, and we get to dive more on the bible as well. We can also see the spiritual growth in our prayer partners. One of them, I never heard of praying but now started to speak out her prayers. And the others are now more bold on speaking out about their faith. 
All Glory to God and never ending thank you to our PIC family. For nurturing our faith and praying for us always. We all love you. God's blessings and covering be upon you and your family always."
Thank you.